Solaris winbind and pam.conf help

Patrick Parker Patrick.Parker at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 21 01:39:36 GMT 2008


Hope you can assist:  I saw your URL:

but it's dated 2002....

My system:  Solaris 10 x86/64 u4 on a i386 Sun system.

When configuring samba with *winbind* does it need to be configure with 

eg.  *--with-pam*

At my site it was configured with:

#cd /usr/local/src/samba-3.0.26a/source

#./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba --with-winbind --with-ads 
--with-ldap --with-acl-support --with-krb5=/usr/local

#make all

I can get a kerberos ticket for an active directory user (asha).
I get the AD users and group when running wbinfo -u and -g on the 
solaris system.  Also getent passwd and group work form domain users and 

*NOTE: * nscd  is not runnning and is disabled.

But I cannot login as a AD user on the solaris box.  I get:
Feb 19 14:40:30 nlssun2 sshd[29105]: [ID 979653 auth.error] 
pam_winbind(sshd-kbdint): request failed: No such user, PAM error was 
System error (4), NT error was NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER

Feb 19 14:40:30 nlssun2 sshd[29105]: [ID 947627 auth.error] 
pam_winbind(sshd-kbdint): internal module error (retval = 4, user = 'asha')

I am using ssh to login.

Pam.conf  incorporates for

other   auth sufficient
other account sufficient

I am not sure pam is being considered...even though the error states PAM.

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