Vista client + NetBIOS session setup message

Todd Stecher todd.stecher at
Wed Feb 20 19:46:13 GMT 2008

I'm looking at a way to trigger a NBSS message from Vista.  On our  
3.0.24 distro, Vista clients at our customer site send a NBSS request,  
get back the response, and then disconnect the session.  Here's the  
cap + associated log entry.

sloisn01-1: [2008/01/14 16:33:46, 0, pid=77015, effective(0, 0),  
real(0, 0)] lib/util_sock.c:write_data(563)
   write_data: write failure in writing to client Error  
Broken pipe
sloisn01-1: [2008/01/14 16:33:46, 0, pid=77015, effective(0, 0),  
real(0, 0)] lib/util_sock.c:send_smb(1016)
   Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1. (Broken pipe)

I didn't think anyone used NBSS messages anymore, and I'm having a  
degree of difficulty getting an in-house repro on my Vista client,  
since it always seems to skip NBSS.

1) Is there any way to send this message via SMBTorture?
2) Does anyone know how to get Vista to emit this message?  I'm  
guessing its join state + some mystery policy cause Vista to try NBSS,  
but I've been unable to unravel the mystery.

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