[Patch] Add an idmap implementation to winbind

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Feb 15 06:48:43 GMT 2008

> You can start with just using the default partition imo, we will se if
> there is any reason to split it in a separate one.
> sam.ldb will require schema though.

And that's bad, we need work without any schema changes!

So I think it's good to have an idmap.ldb.
Later we can create a new samdb.ldb idmap backend,
but for now it should be very simple.

> Yes sidmap used the assumption that pure ldb with tdb backend never
> blocks. But as soon as you consider using an ldap uri instead of a tdb
> file (which is a very neat way to use a common shared server between
> different member servers without changing a single line of code), then
> this does not hold true anymore.

I think relying on the tdb backend is ok for now.

The goal should be to have something very simple that works.
The next step should be that only the winbind task uses
the idmap interface and all others use winbind.

(This should allow us to also use a samba3 winbindd)

And the last step can be to have multiple idmap backends,
and use async ldb calls.


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