Samba 4 Status Update

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Mon Feb 11 14:46:47 GMT 2008


I've just merged the changes to use Python for provisioning by default
in Samba 4 and have started to clean up some of the bitrotted EJS code
that wasn't tested (upgrade in particular). The conversion took a bit
longer than I had hoped, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
Thanks to Andrew and Metze for reviewing and helping with the

My patch that changes Samba 4 to use a static Makefile and include some
auto-generated bits instead of generating the whole Makefile is now also
in. Hopefully this is the first step towards supporting a simpler,
Samba3-like, Makefile and a shared-library-less build again.

Some build farm hosts fail to build at the moment for various reasons
(missing Python headers, failing to link because of too many arguments,
failing to link because of shared library oddities, etc) and I will be
chasing after those failures in the next couple of days.

Eventually this process should cause us to end up with something that
can be merged into the v4-0-stable branch and released as the next alpha
at some point.


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