number of aces in big endian format?

Luke Howard lukeh at
Fri Feb 8 13:53:28 GMT 2008

   The fields are defined as follows:
   Version - this is version 1
   Endianess - 0x10 if NDR-encoded data is little-endian,
               0x00 if NDR-encoded data is big-endian
   CommonHeaderLength - the length of the common header is 8 bytes
   Filler - each byte of filler is set to the constant 0xCC

   The common type header is followed by a 64-bit integer, also encoded
   in little-endian order, containing the length of the data part.

   Here is the complete layout of the header part (all integer values
   are encoded in little-endian order, regardless of the representation
   specified in the Endianess field).

         name                           type        offset(s)
         ----                           ----        ---------
         Version                        UCHAR       0
         Endianess                      UCHAR       1
         CommonHeaderLength             USHORT      2,3
         Filler                         UCHAR       4,5,6,7
         Length                         ULONG64     8,9,10,11,
         Filler                         UCHAR       4,5,6,7
         Length                         ULONG64     8,9,10,11,

   The data part immediately follows the header (at offset 16) and is
   the NDR encoding of the complex data structure.

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