Visible symlinks under Windows

Corinna Vinschen corinna at
Thu Feb 7 11:04:13 GMT 2008

On Feb  6 13:41, James Peach wrote:
> With your EA proposal, I think the server would have to restrict symlinks 
> to be relative to the SMB share and to point to a file within the share. 
> You'd need this because some clients will follow the symlink on the server, 
> and some will resolve the target on the client side and you want both 
> methods to end up at the same place.

I guess you're right.  Otherwise the non-EA file information returned
by calls to ZwQueryInformationFile would point to another file than
the symlink path in the EA, and an application trying to access a file
gotten by a call to readlink would fail.  That sounds rather... medium

> So, yeh I'm convinced that EA symlinks are worthwhile ...



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