Get rid of pointer_default_top()

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sun Feb 3 01:18:45 GMT 2008

Hi Jelmer, Günther,

could you take a look at this branches?

Get rid of pointer_default_top():;a=shortlog;h=v4-0-idl

gd: can you do the same in v3-2-test?

Just remove pointer_default_top(unique) and keep adding explicit
[unique] properties untill the pidl output is 100% the same as before.

But always rebuild all idl files with 'make idl', because otherwise you
sometimes get different results...

jelmer: we should really correctly support 'import' and load the types
of the imported idl. It took me 8 hours to figure out why pidl output
has changed after a touch librpc/idl/foo.idl;make idl, compared
to make idl_full. The reason was that make idl_full loads the types of
all files, so the types are implicit known as the typelist is global.
'can_contain_deferred() behaives different for make idl and make
idl_full, e.g. for GUID...


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