Thanks to Andrew(s), OpenChange Schema works again

Julien Kerihuel j.kerihuel at
Tue Dec 30 16:11:13 GMT 2008

Hi Lists,

I just wanted to thank Andrew Tridgell and Andrew Bartlett for the very
good work on LDB and how they fixed the "excessive LDB schema file size"
issue OpenChange encountered a while ago.

I've just been testing the whole thing and schema file only takes 5MB
while it used to be ~700MB.

Similarly, opening schema.ldb with ldbedit and quitting without saving
used to add 200MB more to the file while it now remains identical.

So we now have a very acceptable 7.6MB schema file and OpenChange schema
provisioning and user attributes extension still work properly.

I'll be working for the next day on EMSABP integration within mapiproxy
+ some kind of modular server system so we can choose between "real
providers" and "fake ones" only intended to torture libmapi/Outlook.

Once again, thanks for all the good work!


Julien Kerihuel
j.kerihuel at
OpenChange Project Manager

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