Fat32 - 1Gb file copy is failing

Kandukuru_Suresh at emc.com Kandukuru_Suresh at emc.com
Mon Dec 29 21:03:18 GMT 2008

Hi Volker,
  Thanks for understanding my problem. It is taking too long to fail. I
found some article with same problem. But there is no solution  for this
in that.

Can you help me  for this?

Thanks & Happy New Year

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On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 10:50:51AM -0500, Kandukuru_Suresh at emc.com
> > If comment out line 735/736 (not to extend space for the file to
> > on fat),
> > no error will occur during copying. (But we cannot do so otherwise
> > truncate
> > requests from client would be skipped)
> > 
> > Please advice  me what is the exact poblem,or it is known bug?. Any
> > reply will be appreciated .

Is this a timing problem (i.e. sys_ftruncate taking too
long), or does the sys_ftruncate return an error on that


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