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Mon Dec 29 14:51:12 GMT 2008

Is WINS running on the Samba server?

Please post a copy of your smb.conf.

- Scott Grizzard

On Dec 29, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Ron Short wrote:

> We have a situation where we have a Samba server setup on an SGI  
> Irix system working with a Microsoft 2003 Domain Controller and  
> using Kerberos.  We can successfully join the Samba server to the  
> domain.  We can also get a valid kerberos ticket for the  
> administrator account
> This was working well until the Active Directory server was reboot.   
> Now we are having trouble connecting to the Samba share using the  
> Netbios name, i.e. MCSSAN\Library for example.  Now it this the case  
> where we can't connect supplying the user/password (we are using the  
> domain/username combination).  However we can connect if the IP  
> address is used.  Also if we delete the machine account from the  
> domain controller it also works fine.
> Any pointers are appreciated as to what might have happened and what  
> can be done to correct the problem.
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