Ron Short short at
Mon Dec 29 14:35:38 GMT 2008

We have a situation where we have a Samba server setup on an SGI Irix 
system working with a Microsoft 2003 Domain Controller and using 
Kerberos.  We can successfully join the Samba server to the domain.  We 
can also get a valid kerberos ticket for the administrator account

This was working well until the Active Directory server was reboot.  Now 
we are having trouble connecting to the Samba share using the Netbios 
name, i.e. MCSSAN\Library for example.  Now it this the case where we 
can't connect supplying the user/password (we are using the 
domain/username combination).  However we can connect if the IP address 
is used.  Also if we delete the machine account from the domain 
controller it also works fine.

Any pointers are appreciated as to what might have happened and what can 
be done to correct the problem.

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