merged build doesn't build on Fedora 10

Kai Blin kai at
Sat Dec 27 13:43:38 GMT 2008

On Saturday 27 December 2008 13:58:41 Urs Rau wrote:
> On a fully uptodate fedora 10, I have downloaded from git, run
> then cd'ed to source3 and run './configure
> --enable-merged-build' followed by make.
> It ran but then came up with the following missing functions:
> event_add_fd
> event_add_timed
> event_add_timed' follow
> event_context_find
> event_context_init
> event_context_init_byname
> event_get_fd_flags
> event_loop_once
> event_loop_wait
> event_set_fd_flags
> ev_set_debug
> What am I missing?

Nothing, one of the recent commits moving around the libevents library and 
renaming it to tevent broke this. I was poking at this a bit yesterday, but I 
didn't figure out why linking is broken. Building the Samba3 part should 
work, though.


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