Hi! Some problems with samba-3.3.0-rc2

Erik Sørnes erso at ahus.no
Thu Dec 18 09:22:06 GMT 2008


We are having som problems with samba-3.3.0-rc2. It is impossible to  
choose samba-3.3 when you select "enter new bug" at  
bugzilla.samba.org. Is this a mistake or by design?

We are having 2 problems.

One is a core-dump by winbindd

The other one is that all files/folders created on the sambashare  
(windows2003R2-domain-member) does not have the "delete" access-right  
set. If I set "Full control" on a file/folder create in from windows  
on the samba-share, and I look at at the details-view from the  
properites on the file in windows explorer, The "delete" and "Full  
control" access rights are allways missing. All other access rights  
are granted. This means that users are not able to delete files they  
have full acces to. On the linux-server, getfacl shows the access- 
rights are correct- rwx.

Are this the right fora for talking about this problems, or shuld I  
file a bug report in some other way?

-kind regards

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