Samba + Kerberos backend - AD backend

paul kölle pkoelle at
Wed Dec 17 12:56:52 GMT 2008

Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
> On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 23:45 +0100, paul wrote:
>> kronda schrieb:
>>> But this means that setting up Samba with Kerberos backend is impossible to
>>> do without special configuration on each modern windows machine accessing
>>> the server (because the default is encrypted password on Windows 2000,XP),
>>> right? I did not want to hear that:( And I still do not see why samba can
>>> pass (encrypted password) authentication to AD (which is basically
>>> LDAP+Kerberos)
>> I often hear this from the linux freetard crowd. They use the word 
>> "basically" to gloss over things they don't want to realize.
> Paul: I don't think the insult (intentional or otherwise) was called
> for.   That said, I agree there is a common perception in some Linux
> communities that Active Directory is nothing more than LDAP + Kerberos.
> This perception was reinforced by Microsoft's marketing material at the
> time, trumpeting how they had adopted internet standard technologies. 
Hi Andrew,

My apologies, I did not meant to insult anyone. I do however fight those 
"misconceptions"[1] wherever I can. They are very harmful in a way you 
will see if you talk to customers with unrealistic expectations...


[1] These misconceptions are often "motivated" by a stong commitment to 
FLOSS which in itself is not a bad thing unless it turns into religion 
but I digress...

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