Samba + Kerberos backend - AD backend

kronda kronda at
Tue Dec 16 23:14:38 GMT 2008

paul kölle wrote:
>> But this means that setting up Samba with Kerberos backend is impossible
>> to
>> do without special configuration on each modern windows machine accessing
>> the server (because the default is encrypted password on Windows
>> 2000,XP),
>> right? I did not want to hear that:( And I still do not see why samba can
>> pass (encrypted password) authentication to AD (which is basically
>> LDAP+Kerberos)
> I often hear this from the linux freetard crowd. They use the word 
> "basically" to gloss over things they don't want to realize.

I don't know what "linux freetard crowd" is (I'm not a native english
speaker and neither "freetard" nor "tard" are in my dictionary) but I guess
this whole post might mean something like that I'm not going deeply into the
problem, just want to have my problem solved and don't (want to realize and)
understand why the hell "they (samba team or whoever) do not make it work".
Well, first of all, you don't have to be able to construct an engine by your
own hands in order to drive a car, specialization is a must, there is far
too little time. Second, I'm not specially related to Linux in any way, I
work with relatively many OSs and overall on desktop I prefer Windows. I
also have some experience with AD and really like it although I don't like
that it's nearly impossible (not for you, I guess) to guess what's going on
below the GUI tools. So I was really asking what is the problem, I would
like to know that. I understand that "basically LDAP+Kerberos=AD" may drive
you nuts but that was the only way for me to formulate the question I have
been having in my mind. Maybe there are better places to ask such a

Anyway, thanks for your time, guys. I'll try ldapsam...
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