Samba Oplock code

Itay Dar Itay.Dar at
Tue Dec 16 19:57:13 GMT 2008

I am still reading  the oplock code in the samba and I have a few
It seems that for dos or fcb mode, the process will search all open
files , find an appropriate match and clone it (done in )
Can a cloned file hold oplock, and if so should they be cloned to the
new file (if so the oplock amount accounting code should be fixed)

I am chasing an oplock timeout issues, all the posting I see on the
topic states this is an hardware issue.
on one occasion increasing the timeout from 30 seconds to 90 seconds
seem to by pass the problem. (windows xp client,  simulating many

I Also have a client (windows xp service pack 3)  which didn't respond
to oplock break request (which looks like originated from his own open
and left files open files at the server. The client doesn't seem to have
any handles pointing to the open files (open handle verified using
windows process manager )

Any help would be most welcomed.

Itay dar

I am testing the patch for the release oplock level 2 vs. open race,  I
do have a small question there, should we obey the sleep parameter
before breaking our own client oplock?

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