Samba professional consulting?

Ryan B. Lynch ryan.lynch at
Wed Dec 10 22:51:23 GMT 2008

This may be off-topic.  If so, please let me know and I'll take it 

My company is looking for professional consulting with our Samba 
configurations and overall direction.  We've been operating Samba in an 
Active Directory (Win2k3) environment for a few months, and we're 
testing a clustered (CTDB) implementation right now.  We're also 
integrating our Linux authentication with AD as much as possible.

Can anyone recommend an individual or organization from which they've 
obtained Samba consulting, and of whom their general opinion 
(professionalism, technical expertise, etc.) is good?  So far, we've 
contacted SerNet via a link from the Samba site, and I found a few other 
outfits on Google, but I'd like to know if anyone provide some 
client-side data for me.

Thanks for the attention, and apologies if this is the wrong forum.



Ryan B. Lynch
Innovative Discovery, LLC
ryan.lynch at

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