Samba 3.0.32 - oplock code

Itay Dar Itay.Dar at
Wed Dec 10 15:20:05 GMT 2008

I am reading the oplock granting code in samba 3.0.32 And I have a
question, if I may.

It seems to me that if someone is asking for an exclusive lock or level
two oplock when all other share lock owners of the files don't have any
oplock (not even a fake level two)  he will be granted a level two
But if one of the other clients will perform a write operation or
anything else, he wont notify the level oplock 2 holder on the async
oplock break needed.

I have checked samba . 3.0.20, and it seems no oplock is granted in that
case in the old version.

I think there are two possibilities for a solution, send everyone else a
request two make  fake level two oplock upgrade or just deny the oplock
request from the client. 
I have a patch for the second suggestion.

Am I right ?

Itay dar 
Itay.dar at

The relevant code is in delay_for_oplocks function inside smbd/open.c 

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