[PATCH]: Fix a delete on close divergence from windows and the associated torture test

Tim Prouty tim.prouty at isilon.com
Sun Dec 7 18:25:48 GMT 2008

On Dec 6, 2008, at 11:49 PM, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> I think if you test against W2K latest service pack you'll find it
> passes deltest17. This was something I've been meaning to go back
> and correct for a while, but didn't get to as it obviously wasn't
> something Microsoft worried about too much as their regression
> tests didn't catch it for WNT -> W2K. I think you're correct, Samba
> is currently matching an old Windows bug and needs fixing here.

I'll see if I can track down a W2K server to try deltest17 against.

> Do you mind if I get to this early next week ? Stuff to do at
> home over the weekend.

No problem :).


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