Help wanted - simple python or perl script for schema conversion

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Dec 5 08:04:04 GMT 2008

As you might imagine, Samba4 uses a schema very much like the AD schema,
which we currently extract from an AD server and process via a tool:

However, in future we would like to move to using the schema as
published in the Microsoft WSPP documentation.  For example:

cn: Account-Expires
ldapDisplayName: accountExpires
attributeId: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.159
omSyntax: 65
isSingleValued: TRUE
schemaIdGuid: bf967915-0de6-11d0-a285-00aa003049e2
systemOnly: FALSE
searchFlags: fCOPY
attributeSecurityGuid: 4c164200-20c0-11d0-a768-00aa006e0529

The current output from for this is:

dn: CN=Account-Expires,${SCHEMADN}
objectClass: top
objectClass: attributeSchema
attributeID: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.159
isSingleValued: TRUE
showInAdvancedViewOnly: TRUE
adminDisplayName: Account-Expires
adminDescription: Account-Expires
oMSyntax: 65
searchFlags: 16
lDAPDisplayName: accountExpires
schemaIDGUID: bf967915-0de6-11d0-a285-00aa003049e2
attributeSecurityGUID: 4c164200-20c0-11d0-a768-00aa006e0529
systemOnly: FALSE
systemFlags: 16

As you can see, the translation isn't hard - mostly a matter of looking
up fCOPY and FLAG_* etc.  

I wonder if someone on the list might want to take this project on?  

The full schema is the MS-ADA1, MS-ADA2, MS-ADA3 and MS-ADSC PDF files
from the WSPP set.  (I have a text file with them in it - to avoid the
painful extraction, but am just awaiting permission to redistribute)

Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Red Hat Inc.
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