Trust status

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Dec 4 15:33:25 GMT 2008

>>>> Can Samba3 trust us? (With the extended dn fixes applied)
>>> I hope to have this working soon. 
>> Both as workstation and domain trust?
> Well, my hope is that once the extended DN work is in, then the
> workstation side might be done.  Then we can test over domain trusts and
> see if we missed anything else.

I managed to setup that a samba3 pdc trusts samba4 dc.
With todays commits and manually setting
userPrincipalName: VZ0S3DOM at of the VZ0S3DOM$

I couldn't find a quick way to fix your kdc to automaticly find the keys
for the VZ0S3DOM at client principal.


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