Alternate Data Stream bug in Samba 3.*

lipson kevin.lisong at
Fri Aug 29 04:07:58 GMT 2008

Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 03:51:14AM -0700, lipson wrote:
>>      Recently I tried all the methods I can think of to setup Samba
>> server
>> with ADS (Alternate Data Stream) support. And I was really frustrated. 
>>      First of all, I got "network is busy" error message on Samba 3.2.0
>> Also
>> the bug has been verified. And then I gave another try to Samba 3.2.1.
>> But
>> it resulted with "cann't not find the specific file any more". Seem like
>> the
>> "network is busy" problem came back to Samba 3.3.0. 
>>      So I was sort of desperate. Anyone who has encountered the problem,
>> pls
>> give a me hint. Thanks a lot!
> Sorry that I'm a bit slow, but I have paying customers that
> take precedence. You could help me if you sent me the
> valgrind log. I do have your log.smbd.ctdb file with the
> panic, but I asked you to recompile with -g and send me the
> corresponding valgrind log. If you can't send that file, it
> will take a little longer for me to reproduce that bug.
> Volker

Hi Volker,

        Today, I found a quite interesting problem on samba 3.2.1 with ext3
as backend filesystem. I thought that could be a breakpoint for this bug. 

        Bug reproduce steps:
        1. export a ext3 filesystem with xattr support through samba 3.2.1 
        2. On the server side, touch a file and setfattr as follows:
            $> touch testfile
            $> setfattr -n user.DosStream.whatever -v value testfile  //
Note: be sure to set the attribute as pattern : user.DosStream.*
            $> getfattr -d testfile           // check the file setting. 

        3. Map a driver on Windows client, and DELETE the "testfile" file.  
            // there you go, you would see a error message "cann't find the
specified file...."

        4. Things works well if the xattr pattern wasn't "user.DosStream.*".
And that's the funny place and also a potential breakpoint for the bug. 

Best Regards
Lisong Guo

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