[Samba] User's groups issue

Ephi Dror Ephi.Dror at datadomain.com
Thu Aug 28 00:05:16 GMT 2008


I reviewed your patch and it looks right to me.

You right that calling netsamlogon_clear_cached_user(info3) may not be necessary today since we know we are calling netsamlogon_cache_store() right after anyway

But to make things clean and clear we should leave the code as you suggested.



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On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 04:38:43PM -0700, Ephi Dror wrote:

> To conclude:
> ===============
> 1. I think the code I suggest should be the right code in samlogon_cache.c

Yes, I agree.

> 2. We should remove the call to wcache_invalidate_samlogon()

Yes also.

> 3. Additional function has to be added to take care of U/sid and UG/sid cleanup.

I think my new patch does just that :-).

Thanks for looking at this.


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