[PATCH] Add support for using server supplied principal (mic option)

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at kth.se
Mon Aug 25 09:49:31 GMT 2008

>> So what we will do?
>> Shall I make it disabled by default and add an option to  
>> cifs.upcall to
>> enable it or we just stick to a secure behavior and forget about  
>> servers
>> with several names in DNS and the only one in ADS?
> I suggest forget it, until someone complains really loudly and won't
> accept 'it is insecure' for an answer.

The problem is that the gss break it even if you know the right name  
since gss-api does DNS canonization.

will avoid that.

so if the user gave you as input

"hostname", you import the name "host/hostname", by skipping the  
realm, both Heimdal  and MIT Kerberos and will use the default realm.  
Both heimdal/MIT kerberos does some kind of referrals on the client  
side, so this might even work for cross realm cases.

I'm really not sure how the current deployed code works, will do some  
research on what care about.


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