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Oliver Liebel oliver at
Thu Aug 21 11:38:25 GMT 2008

Michael Ströder schrieb:
> Oliver Liebel wrote:
>> and delta-sync for the main context will surely not be the badest idea,
>> especially for large trees.
> IIRC slapo-accesslog (needed for delta-syncrepl) serializes all write 
> requests. I'm not sure whether that should be made the default.
i am sure,
as i have tested delta-sync successfully several times in large sites 
since 2006.

accesslog must serialize because of its flat structure,
but performance (beside data-integrity) was in every case way better 
than with normal syncrepl,
as only the modified attributes are sent, not the whole object (as it is 
when using normal syncrepl), and additional pre-sync-checks are 
performed (e.g. reqResult).

this complete issue (syncrepl vs delta) has been discussed comprehensively
a few years ago in openldap-devel, and deltasync has proved its 
capabilitys often enough
since then, so this discusssion should not be started here again.

in short: perfomance and data-integrity of delta-sync was better in all 
tested cases.
the only problem in an early stage was the handling of
the contextCSN in case of a full refresh, which has been solved
long ago.

> Ciao, Michael.

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