[linux-cifs-client] [PATCH 0/5] cifs: add support for MSKRB5 authentication

Jeff Layton jlayton at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 17:32:03 GMT 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 12:25:19 -0500
"Steve French" <smfrench at gmail.com> wrote:

> Working around the broken servers by adding the 2nd OID seems a higher
> priority.  Whether the 2nd fix (not yet written) for the MechList
> should be merged fast or wait till 2.6.28 depends on how big/risky it
> is (it is late in the 2.6.27 cycle).

My recommendation would be to wait until 2.6.28 for that, though in
principle we could wait for both fixes until 2.6.28 (neither one seems
super-critical to me). In the meantime though, we probably *should*
try to get all of these changes into linux-next fairly soon to increase
testing exposure.

Jeff Layton <jlayton at redhat.com>

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