access idmap cache directly from smbd

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Mon Aug 18 23:18:59 GMT 2008

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Jeremy Allison wrote:
> The only complaint that makes sense to me is that
> if winbindd isn't running or the lookup fails for
> some reason smbd has to call the legacy_convert_XX_to_YY
> functions and do the conversion itself.
> Currently smbd caches these in memory for reasons
> mentioned above, Volker's patch also puts them into
> the tdb cache (from my reading of it, corrections
> welcome). We might keep a memory cache for those
> conversions so we don't write into the winbindd
> cache if winbindd isn't running.
> But if we're returning these mappings to the
> client anyway we've already committed to them,
> so what harm storing them in the cache ?

I don't care as long as it's graceful failure over
if the entry is not in the cache.  smbd should not
be writing to the cache.

For example,

	if (!in_cache)


But in order to solve Volker's pdb_ldap.c issue, just make
smbd in memory cache a tdb separate from winbind's cache
and let smbd write all it wants.

It's you guys' call.  I'm just expressing my thoughts.
The fact is that pdb_ldap should have had it's own cache
to begin with.  That would have made more sense IMO.
We knew that doing ldap_search() all the time was a bad

I'm bowing out this thread as I don't think I have much
more to add nuless it's actual code.

cheers, jerry
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