backend provision samba4-ol-multimaster working

Oliver Liebel oliver at
Sat Aug 16 10:22:52 GMT 2008

Oliver Liebel schrieb:
> this special case, there are not so many options (exactly: none) 
> that could -or should- be modified anyway, except the
> provided urls (or sasl/tls-options later, see below)...
sorry, i forgot to add the sasl-point in my last mail:
i think a good way to get the replication traffic encrypted could be
to  use "normal" tls
(no saslmech EXTERNAL as this could be quite impossible to configure and 
map with authz-regexp,
depending on all the involved dn-related certs)
combined with an unique syncrepl-authcid -principal using gssapi
on every node.


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