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Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Aug 14 21:03:21 GMT 2008


Under $SUBJECT find a patchset that allows to send chained
requests using libsmb/*. From a comment:

> cli_chain_cork() sets up a new cli_request in
> cli->chain_accumulator. If cli is used in an async fashion,
> i.e. if we have outstanding requests, then we do not have to
> create a fd event. If cli is used only with the sync
> helpers, we need to create the fd_event here.
> If you want to issue a chained request to the server, do a
> cli_chain_cork(), then do you cli_open_send(),
> cli_read_and_x_send(), cli_close_send() and so on. The async
> requests that come out of cli_xxx_send() are normal async
> requests with the difference that they won't be shipped
> individually. But the event_context will still trigger the
> req->async.fn to be called on every single request.
> You have to take care yourself that you only issue chainable
> requests in the middle of the chain.

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