Null pointer parameter in stat call in VFS layer

Cam Macdonell cam at
Thu Aug 14 00:23:09 GMT 2008


I'm running a 3.0.28 server with a stackable VFS layer that I wrote. 
I'm encountering a bug that didn't occur when I ran with 3.0.21c 
previously.  When I initially connect to the samba server with 
smbclient, the server executes a stat on the directory specified in the 
share.  However, the call to my vfs_stat function (corresponds to 
SMB_VFS_OP_STAT) receives a null pointer for the third parameter which 
is of type SMB_STRUCT_STAT*.  Is there some circumstance where the stat 
buffer might be null?  The expected behaviour of returning -1 with "Bad 
Address" causes the samba connection to fail.


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