samba 3.2.0: /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb does not try port 139 anymore by default

Noèl Köthe noel at
Tue Aug 12 02:17:42 GMT 2008

Hello samba-technical and Mike,

git commit 8eff35bc4acc13807c895af43b52db79ee195cb5

with the comment:

    smbspool: Fix CUPS authentication protocol support.
    There were a couple of places where we weren't checking for
    authentication correctly. This chance fixes those places and properly
    supports Kerberos where available.

changed in source/client/smbspool.c
@@ -234,8 +235,7 @@ static bool smb_encrypt;
-  	port=0;
+    port = 445;
   * Setup the SAMBA server state...

because of this change there is now a problem with cups printing to port
139; see and

I'm asking in the first place via mail to be sure this change was
intended or not or where I'm wrong.
If you prefer to have it in bugzilla just tell me.

Thank you.

Noèl Köthe <noel>
Debian GNU/Linux,
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