Lock problem

Alain Siani alain.siani at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 13:01:12 GMT 2008


I have problem with lock !

Users work on excel files, when they want to save, they cannot do it.
Excel moved the name of file to a temporary name.

This is two excel files witch is locked:
/*23276        0          DENY_NONE  0x80        RDONLY     
NONE             /home/shared/Purchase_Supply/Area_2_USA/C1/08 Mackerel 
2008/SCHEDULES/week 33.xls   Fri Aug  8 14:29:20 2008

23276        1044       DENY_NONE  0x80        RDONLY     
NONE             /home/users/patou   Patricia/HAKE/sale HAKE BC2008 
ZONE2+3.xls   Fri Aug  8 13:00:14 2008*/

If  i restart smb, lock are removed and users can work.

If you cannot help me, can you say me where i can find a bug tracker, or 
tool i can use to search...


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