CTDB on cluster filesystem without file locking

lazycy yi.chen1982 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 02:36:50 GMT 2008

Hi, Volker
   Thanks for your guide first. I found that if I put the recoverylock file
under my cluster filesystem, CTDB will report a error "recovery lock file
not locked when recovering" in RECOVERY which caused by fcntl failure. So I
put this file under an nfs share directory as a work-around, and this time
CTDB seems start correctly.  But when I try to start samba(with CTDB patch),
it dumps. I've post the content in log file and my configurations as well on 

Also if I try to add an user, I will get a error as below:
[root at COS1-001 ~]# /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a cy
tdb(/var/ctdb/persistent/secrets.tdb.0): tdb_transaction_start: cannot start
a t
tdb(/var/ctdb/persistent/secrets.tdb.0): tdb_transaction_start: cannot start
a t
pdb_generate_sam_sid: Failed to store generated machine SID.
PANIC (pid 11201): Could not generate a machine SID

BACKTRACE: 7 stack frames:
 #0 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd(log_stack_trace+0x1a) [0x4f3482]
 #1 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd(smb_panic+0x69) [0x4f331c]
 #2 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd(get_global_sam_sid+0x34) [0x46f5f3]
 #3 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd [0x45edab]
 #4 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd(main+0xcc) [0x45f517]
 #5 /lib64/tls/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xda) [0x2ab960b65a7a]
 #6 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd [0x45e4ba]

Seems the same problem which caused by CTDB transaction not samba itself,
Can you give me more suggestions if anything that I probably missed in my
CTDB configuration? 


Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 06:55:43AM -0700, lazycy wrote:
>> Hi, all
>>    I'm trying to implement cluster samba on my cluster file system. My
>> solution is CTDB+smaba, I noticed on CTDB homepage, there is one sentence
>> in
>> the prerequisites part: 
>>    We have primarily used the GPFS filesystem for our testing but any
>> cluster filesystem should work as long as it provides correct file
>> locking. 
>>    My concern is that my own cluster filesystem has not implement the
>> standard flie locking(fcntl) yet. (However, we use another solution to
>> get
>> valid behavior when concurrent write operation happened) So, is it still
>> possible for me to use CTDB? I'm a newbie of CTDB. Very appreciate if you
>> can give me any suggestion!
> ctdb uses fcntl locking in the shared file system to make
> sure only one ctdb master process is around during recovery
> and config changes. If more than one process gets this lock,
> it won't work. For normal operation we don't depend on
> shared fcntl locks though, many cluster file systems are
> MUCH too slow with this.
> Volker

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