[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.1 Available for Download

Karolin Seeger ks at sernet.de
Tue Aug 5 12:41:48 GMT 2008

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Release Announcements

This is the second stable release of Samba 3.2.

Major bug fixes included in Samba 3.2.1 are:

  o Race condition in Winbind leading to a crash.
  o Regression in Winbindd offline mode.
  o Flushing of smb.conf when creating a new share using SWAT.
  o Setting of ACEs in setups with "dos filemode = yes".


Changes since 3.2.0
- -------------------

o   Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org>
    * BUG 5608: Fix link creation for libtalloc.so.1 (and friends) on
      Solaris 8.
    * BUG 5594: Fix "make test" by adding and using a new testparm
      switch "--skip-logic-checks".
    * Fix creation of libaddns.a, libsmbclient.a and libsharemodes.a.
    * Update the section about net conf in the net(8) manpage.
    * Improve processing of registry shares.
    * Fix listing of registry shares with testparm.
    * Fix several build issues.

o   Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
    * BUG 5578: Fix error from strlcat.
    * BUG 5613: Fix flushing of smb.conf when creating a new share using SWAT.
    * Ensure consistent use of pdb_get_nt_passwd instead of
    * Remove worrying warning message when safe_strcpy tries to copy a
      pseaudo interface name that's too long.
    * Canonicalize servername in the printer functions to remove leading
      '\\' characters.
    * Fix option processing in smbcacls - add POPT_COMMON_CONNECTION.
    * Fix bug creating files using DOS clients with mixed case files.
    * Fix uninitialized variable.

o   Yannick Bergeron <yaberger at ca.ibm.com>
    * Fix compile error on AIX 6.1

o   Jim Brown <jim.brown at miami.edu>
    * Fix SGI compiler warnings.

o   Günther Deschner <gd at samba.org>
    * BUG 5616: Fix session keys also in rpccli_netr_LogonSamLogonEx wrapper.
    * BUG 5570: Fix bogus error message during AD domain join.
    * Fix trusted domain handling in Winbindd.
    * Fix build warning.

o   SATOH Fumiyasu <fumiyas at osstech.co.jp>
    * BUG 5202: Fix setting of ACEs for users/groups with write access
      in setups with 'dos filemode = yes'.
    * Re-activate 'acl group control' parameter and make it only apply
      to owning group.

o   Volodymyr Khomenko <Volodymyr.Khomenko at exanet.com>
    * Make ntimes function more like POSIX and allow NULL arg.

o   Volker Lendecke <vl at samba.org>
    * BUG 5512: Fix alignment problems on sparc.
    * BUG 5616: Fix share connections in setups with
      "server signing = mandatory" or SMB signing set on the client side.
    * Fix a race condition in Winbind leading to a crash.
    * Fix a segfault in base64_encode_data_blob.
    * Fix some uninitialized variable references via ndr_print.
    * Fix error message if trying to join with a non-privileged user.
    * Fix setups using "include = registry" without [global] settings
      in the registry.
    * Fix "net sam rights" on domain member servers.
    * Add documentation for the vfs streams modules.

o   Herb Lewis <herb at samba.org>
    * Cleanup some duplicate code by passing the password to the wbinfo_auth*
    * Allow SID with 0 in subauthority to be converted properly.

o   Zach Loafman <zachary.loafman at isilon.com>
    * Set sin[6]_family instead of ss_family in in[6]_addr_to_sockaddr_storage.
    * Fix realpath() check so that it doesn't generate a core() when it fails.

o   Jim McDonough <jmcd at samba.org>
    * Fix overwriting of winbind logfiles.

o   Lars Müller <lars at samba.org>
    * Fix "vfs_full_audit.c: name table not in sync with vfs.h" panic.

o   Darshan Purandare <dpurandare at isilon.com>
    * Add broadcasting of the debug message to all winbindd children.

o   Karolin Seeger <kseeger at samba.org>
    * BUG 5635: Fix updating of printer queues.

o   Andreas Schneider <anschneider at suse.de>
    * Release still reachable memory if the smbclient context is freed.
    * Remove trailing withespace from wbinfo -m which breaks gdm auth.

o   Simo Sorce <idra at samba.org>
    * BUG 5540: Fix "set primary group script" user option substitution.
    * Fix regression in Winbindd offline mode.

o   Bo Yang <boyang at novell.com>
    * Allow authentication and memory credential refresh after password
      change from gdm/xdm.
    * Allow %u parameters for print job username.

Download Details

The uncompressed tarballs and patch files have been signed
using GnuPG (ID 6568B7EA).  The source code can be downloaded


The release notes are available online at:


Binary packages will be made available on a volunteer basis from


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