OpenAFS implementation in Samba 4

kstan kstan79 at
Mon Aug 4 03:14:44 GMT 2008

hi Michael,
Please read below,

在 2008-07-31四的 23:56 +0200,Michael Adam写道:
> kstan wrote:
> > I know that AFS is a high end file sharing file system. It support all
> > common OS we found at market. It's ACL support 7 type of file permission
> > inteed of standard rwx.
> > 
> > I wonder samba development team realize about this technology or not.
> In Samba3, there is the afsacl vfs module (see source/modules/vfs_afsacl.c).
> It can be used to support AFS ACLs on shares residing on AFS file systems.
> > Probably, using this technology samba can reduce the gap between samba
> > and windows file sharing capablity(Or even better).
> > 
> > Hope this help.
> It only helps if there is AFS underlying a share.
> Otherwise it does not. :-)
You mean, if the server use AFS, which is authenticate via samba/3rd
party kerberso, then samba able to support their ACL completely or still
drop into standard posix rwx kind of permission?

> If we don't care about other users of the file system, then we can
> (or could) do even better than AFS and store full windows ACLs
> in a separate database or extended attributes.
It's the problem, because user will prefer to change the file system
performance from windows client file explorer, and the permission can
vary under each subfolder/files at particular samba share folder, the
simplest way is control everything by POSIX ACL.

My initial ideal is can AFS authenticate via samba 3/4, and the folder
permission under AFS can control by samba? At the same time, can windows
client control delete, modify, and others AFS operation via share

Ks Tan

> Cheers - Michael

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