Update: Kerberos Ticket Forwarding Patch/Update [3.2]

Derrick Schommer dschommer at F5.com
Fri Aug 1 21:18:13 GMT 2008

Yeah, give me some time to mess around with it, the data length is exactly the same, so presumably it's wrapping and unwrapping and re-wrapping. I'm looking into it, I'm off on Holiday on Monday but I'll be back on Tuesday. I'm trying to re-learn all the stuff I've forgotten over the years on this. I think I buried it from my mind to defend myself from the insanity :)

What probably occurred was getting this to work initially was a huge bear trying to understand all the MIT Kerberos inner workings and other memory leaks that existed in the libraries (which I bugged and they fixed). Then, once I got it working I was so happy I stopped exploring further. There is a possibility I may have spun a few extra cycles wrapping and unwrapping without knowing.


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On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 05:07:51PM -0400, Derrick Schommer wrote:
> I'm currently trying to use the response from fwd_tgt_creds, to see if I can feed it into the call, right now I just get segmentation faults :)

Segmentation faults where ? You could just try
shallow-copying the fwdData into authenticator
in ads_krb5_get_fwd_ticket() and see if it works,
I think that's what Love is saying.


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