Update: Kerberos Ticket Forwarding Patch/Update [3.2]

Derrick Schommer dschommer at F5.com
Fri Aug 1 20:34:59 GMT 2008

I'll port it to 3.0 while I'm at it.

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On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 03:49:57PM -0400, Derrick Schommer wrote:
> The latest one I just sent (passed in transmission) removes the struct in total. It's been awhile, I didn't know the krb5_mk_1cred was non-portable though. Hmm..
> I also saw your use of the SMB_MALLOC, didn't know you had that :) The code I wrote came out of a in-house CIFS client I wrote a few years ago for internal testing, it only had to run in this one environment, I tried to port it as cleanly as possible but I see I've been pretty unsuccessful :-)

Ok, here's the finished version. Can you check that
it works in your environment please ?

The only thing left to do is decide how to cope
with the krb5_mk_1cred() call...


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