Samba 3.2.0-pre3 packages in Debian - version of Samba in Debian lenny

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Mon Apr 28 17:17:12 GMT 2008

Quoting Volker Lendecke (Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE):

> 3.0.28a has known bugs in particular with trusts, so you
> will inevitably have to backport stuff from 3.0.28b that
> will be done by then. And, I have to agree with Jerry,
> having to live with .28a for the next decade in Debian might
> be not the best thing.

heh, Debian releases are not supported for a decade..:-). We're just
dropping support for sarge (which was out in 2005) right now. So, in
short, we're roughly targeting a 3-year support timeframe.

When it comes at samba, the "supported" releases are currently:
- 3.0.14a which came with Debian sarge
- 3.0.24 which came with Debian etch
(both were updated with security fixes, of course)

Of course, if 3.0.x releases come out, these will be included in
lenny. Such updates do not break the philosophy of the current "soft
freeze" if I correctly understand the policy of the Samba Team for the
next releases.

So, in short, Debian will be released with "whatever 3.0.x version"
will be current as of the day of the hard freeze of the distribution.

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