Issues with Samba 4.

Ramón García ramon.garcia.f+samba at
Fri Apr 25 23:40:13 GMT 2008


>  Is the problem that WinXP sends many CLDAP queries, but apparently does
>  not like the result?  This is a known issue - we need to validate the
>  CLDAP code further, and possibly reconcile the netlogon packet from
>  CLDAP and NBT.

There are certainly many CLDAP queries. This could be an explanation.

>  > In order to join, I had to type in Windows the "NT4 style" domain
>  > name, not the realm name. Is this normal?
>  The DNS name should work if you have set up DNS correctly.

I will try again. The error message is rather odd. Everything seems
OK, but then it fails.


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