Improving performance of winbindd_list_groups

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at
Fri Apr 25 00:51:13 GMT 2008

> Looks very good to me, thanks!

> Just a quick comment: In listgroups_recv you're using talloc_asprintf
to paste the 
> results together. These strings can get *very* long, so you might want
to use 
> talloc_asprintf_append_buffer, which does not use strlen for the
existing string.

> Jerry, what do you think about this patch?

> Volker

Thanks Volker,

That's a good suggestion for even better performance.  Attached is an
updated patch using talloc_asprintf_append_buffer().  I'm wasn't
positive from the API description that the returned string will be NULL
terminated, but in all my tests it seems to be.  Is this a correct

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