VFS to NTFS transition

Ralph Böhme lists at supported.de
Wed Apr 23 20:48:36 GMT 2008


Am 23.04.2008 um 15:35 schrieb Shlomi Yaakobovich:

> I would be interested in knowing what kind of improvements you have in
> mind. The more details you can give the better.

To start with: preserve AppleDouble files, not just deleting them.

> We at Exanet have also massive interoperability code bridging between
> the samba and netatalk world. We are contributing to the netatalk as
> well (e.g. ads and sfm adouble formats are driven by us). Right now I
> think the netatalk VFS object is not highly maintained. As a matter of
> fact, we have improved this module ourselves, to fit our needs.

Very interesting!

> I would hate for you to do double work, and if we can help you with  
> your
> efforts it would be great.

Well: can you share the code?


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