Samba 4 and IPv6

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Mon Apr 21 20:02:46 GMT 2008

Hi David,

(I have replied CCing the samba-technical list, as others may be
interested. I hope you don't mind)

 > Did you manage to make any more progress with Samba 4 and IPv6?

yes, I stayed up late working on it last night. I attach my current
patch. Note that it ended up being very different from the approach
you took. Instead of having new ipv6 routines in socket_ip.c, I am now
teaching all the IP code to know about both v4 and v6. I have also
continued the trend to using char* to represent IPs, and have moved to
using the more modern getnameinfo(), getaddrinfo() etc calls.

The other major change is the "late binding" of the socket functions
to either v4 or v6. When you call socket_create() on an IP socket it
doesn't create the socket immediately. It waits until you do a listen,
or a connect or similar, and uses the address arguments passed to
those to work out whether you really need v4 or v6. If however you
pass an explicit "ipv4" to socket_create() then it will force it to
ipv4. That is used by the nbt code. All the other code just asks for
"ip" and it works out the right address family when you first use the

There are still a couple of kinks in the patch below that I need to
work out, but I think the general approach will work well. 

Cheers, Tridge

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