Issues with Samba 4.

Ramón García ramon.garcia.f+samba at
Mon Apr 21 17:39:04 GMT 2008


I am starting development with Samba 4. At this stage I am doing only
some testing. I will try and see what I can contribute.

For now, I installed Samba 4 as a domain controller and tested joining
with its domain from Windows XP. It worked more or less fine. The only
issue I saw
is that the domain list in the Windows logon screen is quite slow. Is
this a known issue? I looked at network traces, and all replies seem
correct, except perhaps
the BROWSE mailslot, currently unimplemented.

In order to join, I had to type in Windows the "NT4 style" domain
name, not the realm name. Is this normal?

Best regards,


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