segfault with samba4 client library

Rafał Cygnarowski rafilists at
Mon Apr 21 03:17:42 GMT 2008


I'm developing some application witch uses samba4 client library. Now I'm 
porting my code from alpha1 to alpha3 release. Unfortunately it crashes after 
calling smbcli_full_connection (backtrace stops on push_ucs2_talloc). As 
Jelmer suggested I also tried newest git revision - without success (exactly 
the same problem: with push_ucs2_talloc). As there were a lot of changes 
(even within client library API) I suppose there's just something missing 
inside my new code and I can't get know what. Here is my simplified 
application prepared for alpha3 release with backtrace attached: 

smbclient has no problem with connection to my test share so I suppose it's 
just some stupid bug inside my code.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,
Rafał Cygnarowski
rafilists [at] gmail [dot] com
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