Advice on Samba Failover Solutions

William Marshall bmarsh at
Fri Apr 18 16:47:08 GMT 2008

Paul Bowen wrote on 04/17/2008 12:57:38 PM:

> Is there some mechanism, maybe involving listing samba servers in a nis
> automount map, to get the users to seemless fall over to the next samba
> server 
> In the advent their local samba servers goes down or unplugged

Assuming you have Windows clients (and you did say logon scripts) I'd try 
doing your failover w/ dfs links. (The doc below says) The client will try 
the 1st link and if it is down, try the 2nd link.

See page 11 of

I quickly skimmed it and it looks good. I found the doc by searching for "
ms dfs redundant links"

You can't do what you want w/ netbois aliases. Netbios server names have 
to be unique. You could do what you propose w/ a DNS round-robin, but you 
don't have the ability to direct the clients to a primary server and then 
fail to another, you'd just connect to one box or the other.


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