Advice on Samba Failover Solutions

Bowen, Paul Paul.Bowen at
Thu Apr 17 17:57:38 GMT 2008

Hi Folks,
We are pointing User PC Login Scripts to various samba servers depending
on the subnet their unix home directory is on.

Is there some mechanism, maybe involving listing samba servers in a nis
automount map, to get the users to seemless fall over to the next samba
In the advent their local samba servers goes down or unplugged

If you have 3 samba servers, with identical smb.conf files
Server1  -; Server2 -;   Server3 -

What needs to be done, to create a common name to allow users to map a
network drive to

Can the 3 Servers have the same "netbios alias"  in smb.conf, and point
all machines to that \\netbios_alias\share 

Any tips or any advice on this would be great. 
Paul <<smb.conf>> 

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