Help needed in File sharing with Samba

Neelesh Gurjar neel.hjs at
Tue Apr 15 12:45:12 GMT 2008

Hi, I have

I have configured file server CentOs 5, samba version 3.0.26a. Data is
stored on that Server and users are accessing it from Windows clients and
some users are accessing that data from Linux Clients with NFS.

I am facing one following problem:

Case 1 - 1st User open one excel file in windows client at the same time 2nd
user open same file on Linux with OpenOffice. 2nd user get it in Read Only
mode. This is good.

Case 2- If 2nd user open that file first in Linux and then 1st user open it
in windows then both users get it writable. Which is not acceptable by

So I put "locking = yes" in smb.conf. and restarted smb.

After this change user open that file in first in Linux. Now this time when
I try to open that file in windows it shows "Cannot access: access denied".
This is ok but here User want to see that file "Read Only" as  it happens in
in above case-1.

How can I do that ? Please help

path = /home/<user>
browseable = yes
volume = test
force group = windows
force user = <user>
comment = testing


LINUX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to
understand the simplicity

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