bug? Primary domain status inconsistent in trusted domain's child and global parent?

Bo Yang boyang at novell.com
Tue Apr 15 05:58:28 GMT 2008

Hi, Jeremy, Jim, Jerry, All:
     Domain A trusts Domain B. 
     1. initially, A and B in status offline and initialized(because winbind offline logon = yes)
     2. At time tick 1, child for domain A is forked by fork_domain_child().
     3. At time tick 2, child for domain B is forked by fork_domain_child(),trigered by getpwnam call.
     At this time, in child for domain A and domain B, domain A's status is offline and initialized.

     At time tick 3, domain A and domain B are brought online in global parent. and message is sent to child but only request child to bring domain corresponding to the child online.
      Thus, in child for domain B, it sees domain A in offline and initialized status. When perform pam_auth_samlogon,
child B contact the primary domain A for passthrough authentication. but A's offline and initialized status will cause NT_STATUS_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND...... Then, samlogon will fail forever because domain A's status 
in child is never updated to the correct status.
      I think all child should update the status of the primary domain.

patch in attachment.

Please correct me if I am wrong!

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