Bug #4867

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Apr 10 11:18:24 GMT 2008


On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 07:37:55PM +0900, feroz ahmed wrote:
> Its almost 8 months that i logged this bug.
> Can samba team help me in fixing this bug.
> I can provide any logs if required.

We're trying our best, but not all bugs get the attention
they deserve. As you will notice from following Samba
development, we do not have dozens of developers, and all of
us are pretty busy doing stuff. Many of us are fixing bugs
for paying customers, and when it comes to priorities,
employers and paying customers count. Under
http://www.samba.org/samba/support/ you will find a large
list of companies doing support for Samba, some of them
being employers of developers.

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