would you please Help me !

Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Mon Apr 7 10:52:56 GMT 2008

Hi Tarek,

please contact the samba-technical mailing list with general
questions like this. I Cc my Answer to the list, so more answers
than mine may follow.

I can't give you a complete list of OS/versions.
It would be easier to answer yes/no when given a concrete os version.

Generally, samba can be compiled (and installed) on any unix like
operating system with a c99 compliant C compiler. (So when you
can install gcc, you usually also can compile samba, but it works
with "native" cc on many UNIXes.)

Also, the working of several subsystems/features of samba depend
on the availability of external libraries, most notably kerberos
and ldap. So you might get reduced functionality on some systems.

Our build farm at http://build.samba.org/ shows many operating
systems and to what extent the build current samba code.

I can say that the following OS work:

* Solaris 8, 9, 10
* AIX 5.X
* HP-UX 11.11, 11.23, (and 11.00 mostly)
* Tru64 Unix 5.1 (or newer)
* IRIX 6.5
* Linux kernel 2.4, 2.6
* FreeBSD 6.X (or newer)
* OpenBSD 3.X (or newer) - no NSS support here
* NetBSD and other BSDs (don't know specific version)
* Mac OS X 10.4.X

Older versions than stated may work, but I don't have current
build results.

By the way: Susie10 is not an OS version but a linux distribution
version (if you are referring to e.g. openSUSE 10.X). The
Operating system version is the linux kernel version. 
Any remotely new linux distribution should work.

Regards, Michael

Tarek Abbadi wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> i am tareq abbadi from amman jordan. i technical support
> engineer  and i have been working on small project which
> includes HP-UX, Solaris OS, and Windows, however i would like
> to know the list of all OSs that samba can be installed on!!
> can you help me with this. !? on the site it says "UNIX, Linux,
> IBM System 390, OpenVMS" so can you provide me with a detailed
> list. i mean OS verisons ! like Solaris 8.0 and Susie10. 
> Please note that i would be waiting you reply.
> thank you
> regards.
> tareq Abbadi

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